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Here you will find the latest news from Pastor and office. 

Aquí encontrara los últimos avisos de nuestro Párroco y de la oficina. 

Message from Fr Anthony regarding Mass Intentions:

Dear Parishioners,

I’m glad to announce that we are ready to begin receiving Mass Intentions once again, but  please read the following because our process for making these requests has changed .

Along with all other parishes in Kansas, the  minimum   stipend  to the parish for a Mass intention is now  $10.00 .  All stipends for intentions in our parish are kept by the parish not the priests.  Please note that every weekend one Mass is celebrated for the “Feligreses” or “Faithful.”  The priest’s intention for that Mass is you and all the faithful departed of the parish.  This was established by Church Law (Canon Law) so that those who could not afford stipends for Masses would be prayed for by the parish weekly.

Single Stipend Mass  ( SSM ) is a Mass for which the parish can only receive one stipend for an intention which is normal.  This being said, if one offers a stipend for a  SSM , that person can make the intention for one or for many persons or situations. (for example: my mom and dad, finding a job, my deceased relatives, or all of the above)

Two of our Daily Masses will now become  Multiple Stipend Masses  ( MSM ), Monday evening in Spanish and Friday Morning in English.  We are permitted to designate two Masses a week for which the parish is allowed to receive more than one stipend for intentions.  These Masses will give the parish the capacity to respond to the immediate needs of its parishioners, since addition intentions can always be added to these Masses at any time.  For example, if someone dies, we don’t want to wait months before being able to pray for them.  The Church limits  MSM  to two a week to reduce the chances of the celebration of the Mass being turned into a “business for making money.”  Remember, the graces of each Mass are infinite, so less grace is not given to each intention because there are more intentions.  Remember also,  intentions belong to people and not to the Mass .  When a stipend is given, one is asking the priest to make a specific intention, his intention.  Everyone who comes to the celebration of the Mass can and should always have their own intentions.

Requests need to be   made in person  at the office with the parish secretary.  This allows you to leave the office knowing the exact dates of the requested intentions and the immediate paying of the stipend.  We are not allowed to have “on the books” more intentions than can be celebrated in one year, so dates can only be scheduled up to one year from the date of the request.   Please do not send letters   to me  as was the process of Fr. Gardner.  I promise that the new process will be much simpler for all of us.  I understand that there are some who may not be able to come in person, other arrangements may have to be made through other people or by phone.

Initially , I feel it necessary to limit the number of  Single Stipend Masses to 10 per household or intention .  If a household desire more or other parish members desire more for the same intentions, then these will be added to the  Multiple Stipend Masses .  I feel this necessary to be fair to all parishioners until we can access the volume of requests.  We now have openings for all Masses from August 11, 2014 onward.  Thank you for your patience.

+m fr. Anthony Ouellette


Mnchi Kulturas, Yedni Viera - Wiele Kultur, Jedna Wiara - Muchas Culturas, Una Fe - Many Cultures, One Faith


     Horario de las actividades de los Viernes Cuaresmales

 Lent Friday Activities Schedule (this activities will be primary in Spanish)

 Fecha (Mes/Dia/Año) y Horario Tipo de Celebracion y las actividades Correspondientes Grupo de Apoyo 
3/03/2017 ***Celebracion Penitencial***
Adoracion Nocturna 
 7:00 pm  Viacrusis   
 7:30 pm Celebracion de la Palabra   
 7:50 pm Exposicion del Santisimo y Confesiones   
 8:00 pm  Meditacion de la Guia de la Confesion  
 8:30 pm Bendicion   
 3/10/2017 *** Celebracion Regular ***  Legion de Maria
 7:00 pm Viacrusis y Confesiones   
 7:45 pm Misa   
 8:15 pm Bendicion con el Santisimo   
 3/17/2017 *** Celebracion Penitencial *** Feligreses 
 7:00 pm Viacrusis   
7:30 pm   Celebracion de la Palabra   
 7:50 pm Exposicion del Santisimo y Confesiones   
 8:00 pm Meditacion de la Guia de la Confesion   
 8:30 pm  Bendicion  
 3/24/2017 *** Celebracion Penitencial *** Equipo del Viacrusis Viviente 
 7:00 pm Viacrusis   
 7:30 pm Celebracion de la palabra   
 7:50 pm Exposicion del Santisimo y Confesiones   
 8:00 pm Meditacion de la Guia de la Confesion   
 8:30 pm Bendicion   
 3/31/2017 ***Celebracion Regular ***  Comunidad Birmana
 7:00 pm Viacrusis y Confesiones  Bilingüe  
 7:45 pm  Misa Bilingüe  
 8:15 pm  Bendicion con el Santisimo Bilingüe  
 4/07/2017 *** Celebracion Penitencia ***  Catequesis
 7:00 pm  Viacrusis  
 7:30 pm  Celebracion de la Palabra  
 7:50 pm  Exposicion del Santisimo y Confesiones  
 8:00 pm  Meditacion de la Guia de la Confesion  


 Confession Time During Lent/Horario de Confesiones de Cuaresma

Confessions will be every Wednesday during Lent. 

Las Confesiones durante el tiempo de Cuaresma seran los Miercoles

Confessions in English will be at 

Sts. Cyril's Methodist Church located at 44 N. Mill Street

From 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm

Confesiones en Español se realizaran de 6:00 pm a 7:00 pm en la Iglesia de Saint Joseph localizada en 811 Vermont Ave.


Durante este tiempo de Cuaresma no olvide tomar una  "Espinitas Cuaresmales" que se estarán ofreciendo tanto en la Iglesia de Saint 

Joseph como  en la Iglesia de Sts. Cyril, todos los Viernes cuaresmales, Misas Dominicales y en todas las celebraciones de este tiempo 

litúrgico. Las cuales nos ayudaran a realizar Obras de Misericordia y sacrificio.